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Blue – Robin’s Egg – Part II – FemShui Design

b70b3ac57707f9e77f2ed14599a290bcSource – A Punch of Color Design


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Lap tops and cell phones have given us the ability to work wherever we are in the world.  FemShui Design is a “brand” I created based on wanting to bring feminity into a woman’s workspace, whether at home or at the office.

Examples of FemShui Design can be found at two blog entries – Of Course the Answer is Two Boars Heads and A DPhiE Prequel.  Those posts are about work we did for a client – the IHQ of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority.  During the summer I started working on the office of the new CFO.  August at Innovasion was Elvis Appreciation Month and he went with me everywhere.

IMG_3583 (2)

Angel wanted her office to be blue, cream and brown and we went with Sherwin William’s Atmospheric for the wall color.  Looks like a robin’s egg blue to me.


Sherwin Williams Atmospheric SW6505

Enough talking, let’s just look at some images for using robin’s egg blue in a workspace.  Pretty and somewhat formal.b3759c0c37419e2c4b282d2ede97c1e9

Source – the zhush blog


Source – Pinterest


Source – nehomemag.com


Source – capecodcollegiate.com

Not so formal


Source – mysummerhouse.tumblr.com


Source – Better Homes and Gardens

Source – Martha Stewartgl


Source – Shabby Chicks Blog

And isn’t it great that, if we want, we can work from any room in the house?


Source – Room 269 Tumblr

Best, Theresa

A Mid 20th Century Girl Doing Business in a 21st Century World


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