WREC (Women’s Real Estate Club) is being formed for the purpose of creating an opportunity for women to come together and invest in a residential property.  The group of ten women will be equity partners as a result of sharing equally the amount needed to obtain financing for the purchase/rehab of the home.

The opportunity for women to learn while they invest is a primary goal in this joint venture. Women learn the process of short term real estate investment through informational meetings and blog posts.  The blog posts will be the primary tool to educate women of the steps necessary to create value in a distressed residential property through rehabilitation and its preparation for re-sale.

The South Jersey region has a significant number of “diamonds in the rough,” that can be efficiently and economically rehabilitated into housing that will appeal to a diverse market.

Homes that will be targeted are those that need to be cosmetically rejuvenated – they are worn, torn and weary and they will be recharged with love through style and design.  Candidate homes for investment will be homes that have fallen into disrepair through either lack of money for up-keep, an aging owner occupant, absentee ownership (rental housing) or foreclosure proceedings.

A low risk factor will be the foundation of determining the sale price of the home. The strategy employed is with an eye to minimizing the risk of the investors’ dollars through a quick sale of the rejuvenated home because of the property being “priced right.”


A marketing strategy to be employed to sell the revitalized home will be the creation of a brand that will designate the home as a “Bluefield Home.”

What is a Bluefield Home?

Bluefield Homes are homes that are geographically separated, but are harmonized through similar characteristics and consistency in design elements.  All Bluefield Homes will comply with Bluefield “Preserve and ReNew” Standards.

Bluefield Home characteristics will include, but not be limited to:

Age – 50 plus years

Cosmetic changes and some minor systems up-dating

Architectural interest

“Outside” living environment (front, side or back porch, or outside living area created in a yard through hardscape and/or landscape).

Bluefield Homes will provide housing which appeals to a wide pool of potential homebuyers – first time homebuyers, single or divorced mothers, active adult couples electing to downsize, young singles and those who comprise America’s workforce.

So cute….could be a candidate.










I will not be doing a visual design of this home today, because I should be getting ready for hosting my family’s annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.


This is NOT what they will be seeing when they arrive tomorrow.






Best, Theresa

A Mid-20th Century Girl Doing Business in a Twenty First Century World


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  1. cheryl

    Love the concept of Bluefield homes as a brand. You need to have brass plagues made up that say “this is a Bluefield Home” and give to the new owners at settlement.

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