WREC Women’s Real Estate Club

Bonus Space

In preparation for introducing the idea behind WREC, I visited a home today.  I’m not sure how many blog posts I will write about it (maybe two or three total).  This post is about what I found that the agent did not include with the listing.

The Agent's Photo

The Agent’s Photo

I love a house with a front porch

My Photo

My Photo

This one also has a screened back porch – love the screen door on back of house.

photo (8)

This is what was missing from the listing

The Possibilities

The Possibilities

Let’s start by putting in a blue stone patio in front of the “two car detached garage”

Houzz - Bud Dietrich

Houzz – Bud Dietrich

How pretty to paint it yellow and trim it in robin’s egg blue and make it a play house for little girls

Sweet Colors

Sweet Colors – Houzz – Restyled Home

Houzz - Restyled Home

Houzz – Restyled Home

Houzz - Restyled Home

Houzz – Restyled Home

Or, someone can go the sophisticated route for the big girls

Houzz - Becky Harris

Houzz – Becky Harris

It is large enough for a study-indoor/outdoor dining room

Houzz - Rebekah Zaneoff

Houzz – Rebekah Zaneoff

A summer retreat

Summer Retreat

Summer Retreat

If someone has no imagination, they can always make it a potting shed

No Imagination Idea #1

No Imagination Idea #1

No Imagination Idea #2

No Imagination Idea #2

JUST IN CASE the detached two car garage is not structurally sound and needs to be torn down….

Cabana Chic - ysvoice - Tumblr

Cabana Chic – ysvoice – Tumblr 

Don’t miss my next post

Oh no! Santa - don't do it!

Oh no! Santa – don’t do it!

Best, Theresa

A Mid-Twentieth Century Girl Doing Business in a 21st Century World



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4 responses to “WREC Women’s Real Estate Club

  1. cheryl

    Love the garage doors.

  2. I love all your creative ideas!! Amazing! Looking forward to the 21st and WREC!

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