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Big Orange Landmarks Blog

Big Orange Landmarks Blog

Beautiful historic home for sale for $1,100,000 in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, the Santa Monica Freeway plowed through the neighborhood in the 1950’s, and the home has been on the decline since then.  It is almost uninhabitable.


2218-S-Harvard13-645x4832218-S-Harvard2-645x4832218-S-Harvard21-645x4832218-S-Harvard24-645x4832218-S-Harvard26-645x4832218-S-Harvard4-645x4832218-S-Harvard3-645x483Over the years, the home has been used for movie and TV shoots.  According to I Am No – “Due to its marred appearance, the home has long been a favorite of location scouts seeking decrepit or spooky locales.  As I mentioned above, the exterior of the property was used as the exterior of the mansion where the crazy Dr. Finch (Brian Cox) lived with his even crazier family in 2006’s Running with Scissors.  As you can see below, the facade was painted Pepto-Bismol pink for the movie.”


And, then there is a music video that was filmed in the now spooky old house – Please Read The Letter – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss


If you want to see lots of pics of the home

If you want to see the real estate listing

Best, Theresa

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