Outside Inside Turner’s Corner – Part I

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Ventnor, New Jersey

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Ventnor, New Jersey

Turner’s Corner is the name of a building that I own where Innovasion is a tenant.  The building was built by John Turner in about 1880, and is located at an intersection that was the historic commericial intersection of a then rural community.  The building was purchased by me and my husband in 1985 to house Land Dimensions, our land use planning and engineering consulting company.   Because of the growth of the business, ten years ago we moved to a larger building, but retained ownership of our first “professional office” building.

A few years ago, we divided the building in order to house three different business tenants concurrently, and over the years we have had tenants come and go.  In June 2012, Innovasion took over one of the spaces when a real estate company left.

We have had a wonderful tenant in the upstairs portion of the building, and he is leaving because of a need to move his operation to a different location.  (Sorry to see you go Bob.)  In the course of a conversation with my husband, Bob mentioned that his wife and his son recently opened a breakfast and lunch restaurant in Ocean City, NJ.  Larry told him we certainly will come to visit for breakfast when we are at the shore.

The SOUTH Jersey shore is where we spent Memorial Day weekend 2013.  The South Jersey Shore is not the Jersey Shore of MTV.   I had a list of things to do while we were at the shore.  Top on the list was an estate sale in Ocean City.  I found (but did not buy) a beautiful chest that was in pretty good shape.

What I Did Not Buy

What I Did Not Buy

The estate sale had a way over-priced dining room set.  As a matter of fact, one of my resources has a nicer set with as many pieces  as the estate sale was selling in finished condition and for the same price.

Estate Sale Buffet

Estate Sale Buffet


My resource’s dining room set is much nicer and costs the same

The china closet at the estate sale

The china closet at the estate sale

My found china closet that is waiting for me to pick it up

My found china closet that is waiting for me to pick it up

Next up after the estate sale was breakfast at the Sunrise Café (the breakfast and lunch restaurant that Bob’s wife and son own).  When we walked in, there was Bob busing tables and seating customers.  It was a hopping place at 11:30 on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, so there was very little time for Bob to socialize.  In a brief conversation, my question to Bob was – so….does either your son or your wife have restaurant background, and the answer was no.  Next question – so….?  Bob ran to get the menu with the story on the back.



Sunrise Café opened in 2013 with the hopes of bringing residents and vacationers a place to enjoy home cooking by the beach.  Our dream of opening a breakfast place started before the passing of our family’s guardian angel, “Nana.”  Helen M. Reid, a lifelong vacationer in Ocean City, loved her family and supported their dreams to the fullest.  She was their best support system.  Anyone who knew her was truly blessed to have gotten to love her in their lives.  The family has used her memory to start a small business, here, in her favorite place.  Some of these memories include walks to some of our favorite places in Ocean City, NJ, sitting on the beach, taking long walks along the boardwalk or Asbury Ave.  or stopping for a cup of tea.  Those small moments nurtured our creativity and influenced us to appreciate the importance of family.

We'll Be Back

We’ll Be Back

This blog is a tribute to a Nana that I did not know.   In today’s culture of celebrity worship, Nana was an ordinary woman.  Her ordinary life of raising a family, sitting at the beach, walking on the boardwalk and stopping for a cup of tea, was lived as an extraordinary person, and her family paid her the greatest tribute by following their dream because of her.

Post Script

Estate Sale Server

Estate Sale Server

The server where I buy some of my  my stuff

The server where I buy some of my my stuff

Just like the ones I found - how cute painted yellow

Just like the ones I found – how cute painted yellow – Chrissiescollection.blogspot.com



Best, Theresa

A Mid-Twentieth Century Girl Doing Business in a 21st Century World


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