Starting in the Middle – Part II – What is Found In America?

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Theresa – when you left off last week, you were showing us some pics of things that you found at an auction.  Just to clarify….when you are out shopping as Found In America, you don’t purchase anthing?

That’s right – ain’t no money coming out of my pocket.

But, Found In America is a business?  How do you have a business selling things, if you don’t buy them?

I am starting out slow…I have a strategy – lol.  If anyone is actually reading this blog, they may think I have a good idea and begin to follow me on Instagram.

Do you have a Found In America handle?

I do – it is foundiam.

What is it that you post on Instagram, and why would people want to follow you?

Right now, I am posting a mix of inspiring design images and the things that I find while I am on my travels.  I am hoping that I will eventually get to the point where I have so many followers that eventually someone will want to purchase what I have found.

How does that work logistically?

I am working on that (i.e., I’ll worry about it when someone actually wants to buy something).

What is the most interesting thing you have found?

A Dinosaur Head

A Dinosaur Head

That’s awesome!  But do you think there’s a large market for that?

Not for your average homeowner, but there is a commercial establishment somewhere in the world that would love to have it.  They just need to follow me (on Instagram).

Last week, you showed us what you saw at the outside auction.  Can you show us what was going on inside?

A Pair of Paris Apartment Nighstands

A Pair of Paris Apartment Nighstands

A Mid-Century Chair

A Mid-Century Chair

Beautiful Wulitzer Jukebox

Beautiful Wulitzer Jukebox

A Rat Pack Bar

A Rat Pack Bar

Can you help us out with what you mean by a Rat Pack Bar?

The Rat Pack ruled Las Vegas and Hollywood during the 1950’s and 1960’s  They were Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Joey Bishop & Peter Lawford.

The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack

Do you have examples of the kinds of chairs you find at the auction?

IMG_7882 (2)IMG_4838 (2)

Do you find things that don’t necessarily appeal to you, but know they have value?

Yes, I found a pair of Hollywood Regency style chairs that don’t work for me, but certainly would work in a room that is looking for glamour.

Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency

I found this black pair on Pinterest for $2,140.00

418272b5aa288a18153fbecaf34b6530Have you ever bought a pair of chairs for your own use?

Yes, Cheryl and I went hunting for a client, and found these mid-century fireside chairs.  We bought them because of their potential.

We saw the potential

We saw the potential

We put a lot of time into looking for the right fabric

We put a lot of time into looking for the right fabric

Are you ever tempted to bid on something?

Yes, I loved this rug and wanted it for a space I am working on at the shop.  But, the guy I was bidding against was very, very serious and I knew I really didn’t have a chance, so I gave in pretty early on….he was very intimidating.

I Gave It Up

I Gave It Up

So….you left without buying anything? 

OK – I confess….just one little cute chair.

So Cute!  I could not resist.

So Cute! I could not resist.

Remind us again – what is it we need to do to help you be a success with your Found In America venture.

Follow Found In America on Instagram – foundiam.

Best, Theresa

A Mid-Twentieth Century Girl Doing Business in a 21st Century World


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