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I have started my internet search for a  possible investment opportunity, and found this home that is up for short sale.  The home has been on the market since April 1.  By the time I spoke to the agent, he told me it was more than likely going under contract the next day.  Oh well!  Not that I am ready to buy yet, but I already invested time thinking about this home….so I will post what I put together.

The house - a craftsman bungalow

The house – a craftsman bungalow

The back of the house and the sides are stucco, so I am guessing the front is also.  The brick is not attractive to me.  Look how cute this house is with the front of the porch painted yellow and the steps painted white – makes a big difference!


Source – Margot’s Corner Blog

Welcome In

Welcome In

I do like the look of painting the steps.  Also, the hallway looks pretty narrow (can’t really tell).  To be on the safe side, I would only hang a gallery of artwork with no furniture underneath.


Source – Houzz


Source – eclecticrevisited blog

Notice in the first picture, the french doors on the right.  From what I can piece together, this home has a center hall, and this living room is to the right when you walk in.

A clock

A clock

A fireplace

A fireplace

Let’s give this house a breath of some coastal air


Source – Restylinghomebykelly Blog

Notice the french doors again in the dining room, AND the Christmas tree in the living room.  These photos were taken April 1, but I can’t go throwing stones, because I still have not put all of my Christmas decorations away.

Dining room is not ready for guests

Dining room is not ready for guests


Again, let’s bring the seabreeze into the dining room.

cafea267af22cb2f64a6499981a4c2bdSource – Coastal Living

Built-in breakfast nooks were somewhat typical in this style home.


Much Nicer!!! Source - web blog

Much Nicer!!!
Source – web blog


137a743e85145cd30be6c9e1c80bf22bSource –

Let’s travel upstairs to the bath.  From this one and only picture of the bath, we can kinda get the idea of what it looks like.


I would much prefer to see this.


Source –

I am going to bypass the bedrooms and go right up to the attic.


Looks like there may be room for a bed.

I think it works

I think it works – well maybe not, but it looks pretty

Source – Country Living

The back of the house (obviously).


I think it would look much more invting like this.


Source – Juniper River Home Design

Best, Theresa – A Mid Twentieth Century Girl Doing Business in a 21st Century World


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