Blue – Robins Egg Blue – Part I


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So how reliable is Wikipedia with the information that is posted on it?  While I have to come to use it as a reference resource, I know there are those who question the accuracy of some of what is posted.   In doing some research on exactly what is the color of Robins Egg Blue, I went to Wikipedia and do not think I am passing on bogus information about the color:

Robins Egg Blue is a web-safe color and an official Crayola color.  In the early 1990s, the crayon was originally included unlabeled in Crayola boxes, and purchasers were asked to submit ideas for the color’s name.

Robins egg blue, also called eggshell blue, approximates the shade of the eggs laid by the American Robin.

Is Robins Egg Blue an exact color, or are there various colors that can be considered the color?


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Pernilla Hed Photography

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Then there is this interpretation of the color that takes it to the glam level.


Robins Egg Blue Glam Living Room – Benjamin Moore Rhine River #689

51146ef24b24919266ff7765Source – Project Decor Created by Homeforchange

Then there is Pantone’s version of Robins Egg Blue

c70f6fd3dd616cd457db407f6375e6f2Source – Pinterest

Beautiful displays of white pottery.


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Source – Pinterest

One more piece of information from Wikipedia:

  • Robins Egg Blue is a traditional color used for a painted underside (ceiling) of a house’s exterior porch roof.


It is hard to see the Robins Egg Blue on the underside of the porch roof because of the bright skyblue color – here is a close up.

93a0eadc5fb2b6eaf80828364adf59d8 (2) (550x217)

Source – Innovasion




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2 responses to “Blue – Robins Egg Blue – Part I

  1. What a source of inspiration you are Theresa! After recently painting my office lilac/sage green, I had wished I painted it Robin’s Egg Blue!

    • Thank you Carol – I have no doubt the lilac/sage green makes your office look like Spring – I have done a lot of Spring posts in the past few weeks….I’ll go back after I have OD’d on blue.

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