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A DPhiE Prequel – The Best Use of This Space is Not as a Closet

This is Too Large of a Space to be Used as a Closet

View Into What Will be Nicole’s Office

Yes, that is a deer’s head in the left hand corner of the pic.  If you read And the Answer is Two Boar Heads, you will see that there is a connection.

Cheryl Hard at Work at Space Planning

When Nicole asked Innovasion to help transform this big beautiful room into workspace for DPhiE staff at their new IHQ, we were delighted to take on the challenge.  I will let the pictures do the talking.  The first five are photos by a professional photographer.  The rest are on me.  Hope you enjoy!

Professional Photo of Nicole’s Office

One of Two Fireplaces

The Second Fireplace

The Color of the Walls was Already Perfect and we Loved the Chandeliers

Love the New Wall Color

It was love at first sight for me when I found this desk.  Unforumately, Nicole had to leave it behind when she moved up to the attic.  Her new space is great and I need to get over there to get better pics of what we did for Nicole for her new office

We Did Not Leave this Behind. It made the move up with Nicole


The Mirror and Table Made it Up


We had Rachel take photos around town in Philly and we printed out in Black and White and then had them mounted in antique frames.  We found  beautiful game tables for the ladies to use as desks.  (They all open up for extra work space if needed.)

Room Divider

Cheryl found two matching wood and glass screens in WHITE.  No problem for Cheryl, as she whips a paintbrush out of her back pocket.

Come sit a Spell if You Need to Wait

We found this beautiful bookcase and loveseat all in one day.  The columns are made by Ed.  Read Abigale’s Ashes if you want to know more about Ed who built The Schreadley.

More Columns Built by Ed

Perfect Figure to Overlook the Office

We had this lovely lady living at Innovasion Glassboro while we were working on getting the space ready.  When we were finished, I was inspired to create a name for our style. 
Introducing FemShui Design – Inspired Work Spaces by Innovasion



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