Of Course, the Answer is Two Boar Heads

One Boar Head

What is a bigger design dilemma than one boar head hanging from the wall in the reception area of the executive office of the IHQ for a sorority? Of course, the answer is two boar heads.

Two Boar Heads

Beautiful Historic Townhome on Camac Street in Philadelphia. Delta Phi Epsilon IHQ

It wasn’t long after the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority had been a tenant in the building, that the landlord agreed that historic protraits as a replacement for the boar heads would be more appropriate for the female tenants that resided in the leased office space.

That was the extent of the re-decorating that had been accomplished when we were called in. DPhiE now had creative control of the reception area and requested that it serve the dual purpose of greeting guests and serving as a small boutique for DPhiE items.

Cheryl found a photo in a magazine that showcased a Benjamin Moore color – Razzle Dazzle – we both loved the color and the name. Knowing that painting all of the wall space Razzle Dazle would have been a bit much, we painted the wall space under the chair rail a soft white. With Nicole’s (the Executive Director) agreement, we had the top wall space painted pink.

Inspiration Photo

The Color Reads Orange in this Pic, but Honest – it is Razzle Dazzle

I love the contrast of the dark wood of the file cabinet console against the pink wall and next to that beautiful arched door

Bonus Notes:

We do our best to save our clients money. For example, rather than spending the money on four new wall sconces (two over each fireplace), we re-worked the one’s that were there.

You need to move quickly if you want the best stuff. (That previous line is a promo for my next venture “Found in America” – coming soon!).

We Find the BEST Stuff

Cheryl was at a Home Goods store and spotted this love seat and thought it would be perfect with Razzle Dazzle. She sent me a text with the pic, I sent a text off to Nicole for her approval, she sent me back a thumbs up, and Cherl threw herself on the love seat until I got there to pay for it. The ladies at Home Goods were circling her and it until I got there – good job Cheryl at saving this love seat for DPhiE.

Comments were made on the FB page when pics of the design were posted. Two stand out in my mind.

1. It is a little too Elle Woods for my taste.

So…what is wrong with that? I really liked Legally Blonde, but I do think the sequel fell short.

2. DPhiE colors are purple and gold. Why didn’t they use those colors?

The conference room is a beautiful, elegant room that we believe should have a place of honor and stand out. If the opportunity comes our way, that is where those DPhiE colors will be used.

My two favorite shots – even if they are blurry.

I Need to Move the Vase and the Greeery just a Smidge


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