I Made The Bed – A Sequel to Physician Heal Thyself

I Made The Bed

A Sequel to yesterday’s blog – Physician Heal Thyself.  The sequel includes a bonus feature (the closet makeover), what was edited out (the quilt from Chickasha, Oklahoma), flashbacks (white painted chests and gondola lamp),  coming previews of the next sequel entitled “Motivation” subtitled – the bathroom will probably get finished when I am ready to put the house up for sale,” and crass commercialism by referring back to past blog posts.  Please note Pink Princess Phone on night stand and refer back to “From Party Line to Cell Phone” for inside story.

Before – The Desk has a Stain Finish

After – The Desk has a Stain Finish

In defiense of the stain finish on the desk.  My husband put so much effort years ago into painstakingly staining this desk, I didn’t have the heart to paint it.  No, it does not go with the decor – don’t tell Cheryl.   Yes, there are only three knobs.  I took one off to try it on something else, and now I have no idea where it is.  I saved money by moving the gondola lamp from the living room side of the bedroom to the bedroom side of the bedroom.

I Saved Money by Moving the Gondola Lamp from the Living Room Side of the Bedroom to the Bedroom Side of the Bedroom

Don’t Tell Cheryl about the Silk Dogwood Tree

In defense of the dogwood tree.  It moved with me to this house in 1992.  It served its purpose – it took up space until I could figure out what to do with the bedroom.  When I finally decorated the bedroom in 1999, it just stayed.

What is Hanging on the Knob? It is an apron my youngest son made for me when he was seven. He is now 27.

Please read Blog Post – “Where Are the Drawers” to get the behind the scenes story on the white cupboard.

FLASHBACK – Moved to the Living Room Side of the Bedroom

Before – Sewing Machine is Stained

After – Sewing Machine is Stained

In defense of the stain finish on the sewing machine.  I have a beautiful vintage linen and I had no where to place it where I could enjoy its beauty.  (Don’t tell Cheryl that the sewing machine is still stained and worse than that I have a big “doily” on it.)

After – Where the Sewing Machine Was

A door that my incredibly talented niece painted for me years and years ago

FLASHBACK – Big Blank Wall

What got cut from yesterday’s blog.

It is an embroidered quilt of ads for businesses and stores in 1923 located in Chickasha, Oklahoma.  I bought the quilt years ago at a yard sale.  The woman whom I bought it from said she contacted the Chamber of Chickasha because surely they would have an interest in their heritage.  There were no takers.  I was more than happy to be the taker even though I have no connection with Chickasha, Oklahoma.  I believe that I have in my possession a true piece of Americana.

Chickasha Business Ads 1923

The Dixie Biggest & Best Dept. Store
Oscar Dotson 5th St. Blacksmith Shop
McFarland Hotel Chickasha The Best

Lee Tires Smile at Miles
LaVogue, Ladies Ready to Wear of Individual Character
Manhattan Cafe

Bonus Feature – The Closet Makeover.  A benefit to the bedroom makeover was the motivation to do something with the closet.  It is a walk-in with a partition wall between my husband’s side and my side.  We painted his side green and we painted my side Positively Pink.  When I enter the closet, I walk past his green painted walls.  To dress it up a bit, I hung a picture on his side.  The black shoe holder is a four cubbie wall shelf that I bought at a yard sale.

The curtains are beautiful vintage barkcloth. Please refer back to the Beatlemania Now and Then blog post on my reference to barkcloth.

I also have a love for vintage jewelry and hung them on this shutter that I bought at a yard sale. We bought hooks at Lowe’s so that I could display them and get enjoyment out of them

Bought a mini chandelier at Lowe’s

Moved the dresser and mirror from the living room side of the bedroom into the closet

This chest was in front of the bed. It is a little big for the closet space – but that’s OK. Don’t tell Cheryl – she doesn’t like the way it is painted

Sneak Preview – The Bathroom



The grand finale – the other vintage quilt in my room that I love – it is at the bottom of the bed and made from flour sacks.


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