Physician Heal Thyself

This is the blank wall I have lived with for more than a year.  But in all fairness, it is a better looking wall than what I lived with for the prior 12 years.

Very Fashionable in 1999

We moved into our new home in 1992 and it took me seven long yeas to figure out what to do with the bedroom.   Once I found the wallpaper, I was on my way.


These three pieces got painted and moved from the bedroom side of the bedroom to the living room side of the bedroom

Moved to the Living Room Side of the Bedroom

It is still a work in progress.  I have a list of things “to do.”  Buy floating shelves and do a collage of vintage beach photos of loved ones on the big blue blank wall.  Take the time to order a small sectional sofa from Ikea to replace “slipcovered” loveseat and chair.  Slipcovers are vintage bedspreads.  Paint the antique wicker table.

Big Blank Wall

Tile over the 90’s mauve marble fireplace surround.

Love this lamp. It moved from the living room part of the bedroom to the bedroom part of the bedroom


Love this – it is over the mantle

I can’t show the before and after pics of the bedroom part of the bedroom because I didn’t make the bed before I left this morning.   If I have time before I leave tomorow, I’ll mak the bed and finish the story. 



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