What is There to Say

Living Room with Door Open

Living Room with Door Closed

A Comfortable Chair Next to the Fish Tank in Front of the Closet Door for TV Viewing

We have Named the Carpet Color Fuschia Fandango

What is There to Say

We have spent a little bit of time today looking at photos of homes on the real estate market.  We wanted to offer up some suggestions/solutions to design dilemmas we have spotted.  We believe with a little bit of money, some time, and a lot of vision, things can change.

Tired! It Needs Geritol

We are not in the 70’s anymore.  Brick fireplaces are out of vogue.  What to do?  Paint the brick using the following suggested colors:  dove gray, taupe, or cream.  Add a wood surround with a chunky mantle.  For placement over new mantle, choose either a mirror to reflect light, or colorful art.  Paint bookcases same color as selected for brick, or paint in a contrasting color.  Add doors to lower shelves of bookcases.  Don’t put crap back up on mantle.


A Mom Cave – For Real!

Small kitchens need to be light and airy.  Keep clutter to a minimum.  Lighten the cabinet color with paint, or if in the budget, replace cabinet doors.  Replace handles to up-date.  Floor needs to be replaced.  Faux wood laminate flooring is not a budget buster.  Keep island and paint an accent color – may we suggest pale blue – this will make it a focal point.  Rugs will be a plus as well as colorful handtowels.  Suggestions to up-style and add interest to an older kitchen are to add greenery, painting walls white and adding colorful art.



Cheryl – Question to Theresa – For $520,000, what would make you get out of the car and go inside that house?

Theresa – Answer to Cheryl – A gun to my head?

Where We Would Start

Where should we start on the inside?



Join Theresa and Cheryl for 3D Hour.  The Doctors of Design Dilemmas “will be in” on Tuesday, July 17, from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., to answer your design dilemma questions.  E-mail us at innovasionstyle@yahoo.com with a pic of your design dilemma and question and we will answer with a Facebook post during our office hours on Tuesday.


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