Beatlemania Now and Then

Beatles First Appearance on Ed Sullivan February 9, 1964

Beatlemania Now Trump Plaza July 7, 2012

This past Saturday evening we went to Trump Plaza in Atlantic City for the Beatlemania Now show.  The performers were so very talented and three were very local – Phialdelphia, Cherry Hill and Haddonfield.  The fourth was from not that far away – New York City.

I don’t think the four young men from England had any idea of the musical impact they would have throughout the decades.

Mad Men, the American Movie Channel series about an advertising agency in the 1960’s has influenced the contemporary world of interior design and decorating.  It has set off a renewed interest in  things with a sleek and contemporary look.

Christopher and Liz

My future daughter-in-law came to live with us in 2008 for the five months prior to the wedding.  When she stayed with us on weekends, she stayed in what had been my oldest son’s room.  It was good enough for a short weekend stay,  but not for a permanent five month living condition.  I wanted the room to be her home away from our home for Liz; a mini retreat.  I was able to pull it together with stuff from my basement and the Glassboro Innovasion store and basement, and shopped for everything else in between.

The room is great space, but because of the doormer ceilings, I was never able to figure out how  to make the space work when my son had it as his bedroom.  The hardest part was trying to make the bed work.  When it was my son’s room, the bed moved a couple of times, but it was never right.

It clicked for me when I decided to put the bed in front of the window that faced the front of the house.  What I lost by doing this was the cute window seat that is built in under the window.  When I bought the storefront that became the Innovasion Glassboro store, there were shelves in the basement that we put together to make screens.  One of the screens, the bedroom furniture and the desk came home to Wenonah.

Screen Used as Headboard

Dormer Ceiling Rooms Are Architecturally Cool But Not Easy to Decorate

Desk Without Chair

Desk With Chair

The only reason the platform sofa exists is because I threw myself across it to save it from going to the trash.  I went to an estate sale fifteen years ago….long before I had a vintage home furnishings business.  In the basement/rec room was the most amazing mid century living room set.  I had to buy it because I imagined one day I would have a business, and I created in my head the hip urban couple that would come into my store and have to have this set.

My husband got tired of the furniture hanging around, moving from place to place (our front porch, back deck and basement).  Sadly two pieces went to the curb and my husband relented when I begged for the third piece to stay.

Platform Sofa Up-dated with Contemporary Pillows

My Husband was Surprised by How Good it Looked and was Happy I Saved it

When Matthew and Eunice and the kids come to visit, they all camp out in Matthew’s old room.

The Happy Campers

Michael and Jess Practicing Dancing for Their Up-Coming November Wedding

Michael and Jess  – as the middle children, I didn’t want you to feel left out of this blog post.

Beatles First Appearance on Ed Sullivan February 9, 1964


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