What Do You Do With the Leftovers?

I am really not good at returning things.  When we worked on the DPhiE Sorority project at the University of Maryland, we planned on hanging a chandelier in the “conference room.”  As it turned out, the odds were not in our favor of that happening.  But, I had already purchased the chandelier.

DPhiE Sorority Conference Room

I was in the thinking stages of re-doing my powder room.  It had been 15 years since it had been “decorated.”  I have no pics of the before, except for this shot of the light fixture.  I took this pic to send to an electrician for him to know the work needed to change it out.

My first floor ceilings are nine feet and in order to cut down on the height in the powder room, I wallpapered about four fifths up in a faux finish wallpaper and then did the rest of the walls and the ceiling in a flower print – it was so 90’s.

A Very Fashionable 90’s Look

So, the easy way out was to use the chandelier as inspiration to redo the powder room.  My initial paint color choice was going to be in the salmon to orangey range.  I love my dining room walls and thought the color blues in the chandelier would look beautiful with that color range.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

When Justin, the painter, was told of my color range, he said it would be best to do a gray primer.  When I saw the gray primer, I knew that gray was the right way to go.

Sherwin Williams SW 7072 Online
(This is the second sink I ordered way back when. The first one is at my son and daughter-in-law’s house that they bought ten years ago.)

I went monochromatic with a little hint of color in the butterfly print and the double flower vase I found at a yard sale.

Then there is the mirror I bought.  I didn’t like the way it looked over the sink, so it made it to the side wall.  (Easier than taking it back.)

One More Thing I Didn’t Feel Like Lugging Back

And the black and white stripped window treatment?  It is left over from years and years ago, when Cheryl and her sister Lisa, as Twisted Sisters, decorated a side porch at a Designer show house and Cheryl bought oodles and oodles of this black and white stripped material.  Somehow I wound up with a small piece of it and thought it would be perfect to embellish with turquoise satin and  bling.



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4 responses to “What Do You Do With the Leftovers?

  1. Tell them the truth…….where are the plastic flowers, that you said are so you.

    • The truth is you liked what I did with the powder room, but you put your nose up at the faux flowers. For the sake of compromise because you did play a part in the design, through the fabric for the window, I took the pic without the flowers so that the powder room re-do looked PROfessional.

  2. I love that you found a way to use it after all, We have very similar taste!

    • Thank you Bridget – and honest….I would go to any lengths not to have to take somethihng back…even if it means hanging something from the cieling.
      I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog post and commenting.

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