From Party Line to Cell Phone

Nifty Fifties Girl

Growing up in South Philadelphia, we had party lines.  A party line was a shared telephone line with a neighbor.  It was not uncommon to pick up the phone to make a call and not be able to because a neighbor was on the phone.  Patience was required to wait for the neighbor to hang up in order to place your important phone call.  (I am not sure where the patience has gone, since I cannot wait the three seconds it takes for the internet to load.)

While Larry and I were dating, I spoke to him from the pretty Pink Princess Phone that was in my bedroom.  I have one today in our bedroom and I still talk to him from it.

We Started Dating in July 1967

Still Talking After All These Years

I never imagined when we spoke all of those years ago from land lines, that we would be talking on cell phones.  How could I ever imagine that we would also talk to each other through texting and e-mailing.  It is a way of life….for better or worse (not the marriage, the new means of how we communicate to each other and to the world.)

I have a love for textiles (though I am not a sewer).  I most especially love barkcloth, a fabric that was popular from the 1940’s to the 1960’s.  It was used primarily for curtains, upholstery and slipcovers.   They are a hot commodity today and are very pricey on e-bay.

Window Seat Cover

Lamp Shade Cover and Pillow Cases

Some barkcloths were designed with “scenes.”  I purchased this type about a year ago – just because.  I bought it because of the colors and what the imagery evoked.  A different time, a different place – before cell phones, texts and e-mails – a time when there were still party lines.  It looks to recreate the life of a young college woman – real or not.  (I was not drawn to it because of my nostalgia for  my college days gone by.  I had no desire to go, nor was I raised in an environment that encouraged me to go.)

Honestly, I don’t know what we will do with it because I am not sure that there is a market for a young high school or college girl to be attracted to this to have a chair covered or pillows made from this scene.  I will wait and see.


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