Wildwood Days and Our Vanishing Past

The photos are in an album.  The photos help keep the memories alive.  I have an image in my head that does not need a photo to remind me of that week.  It was the summer of 1968 and my parents rented a house in Wildwood.  Larry and I had been dating for a year and my nephew Tom was nine months old.

A Happy Group

Old Fashion Trick Photography

My nephew will be 45 this year.  Where did the time go?

Not Everyone Could Make It
But A Good Representation

Not only has time gone by, but the family has grown and the family vacations continue on. The nine month old baby I held in my arms is the handsome guy all the way on the right.

Oh those Wildwood Days, wild wild Wildwood Days by Bobby Rydell

A Young Bobby Rydell

Bobby on his 70th Birthday

The DooWop Preservation League in Wildwood is working on preserving the past.


NJN Our Vanishing Past – Wildwood


We are working on preserving that past here at Innovasion.  These pieces are a future project.  We will be putting our own contemporary twist on them.  Stay tuned.

A Future Project
The Chairs Done in Turquise or Pink Leather?
Or Maybe One of Each?


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