Are You Our Mother?

Icon in the Innovasion Garden

When a customer showed up for our On The Way To Cape May design event this weekend, we were more than surprised when she informed us that our Icon must have a twin.  We were told that there was an identical angel  living in a beautiful garden in Haddonfield, New Jersey.   We went to work very quickly to help Icon find her missing family.   Our Icon knew she was adopted, but had given up hope of ever finding her missing family.

What Icon didn’t know was that she and her sister were Siamese twins joined at the head and separated at birth.  (Doctor, the operation was not a success.)

Earth Angel Living in a Beautiful Garden in Haddonfield

Her sister, Earth Angel, gave her the exciting news that their mother, Winged Victory, was living in Paris, at the Louvre Museum.  The likeness of the girls to their mother is striking and the beauty of their mother is inspiring.  The girls have also inherited their mother’s design sensibilities by choosing to live in places that may not be as grand as the Louvre, but have a true sense of style.


Mom’s Home

Now that the sisters had found each other, they were determined to seek out their father.  They did not have to go far.  Their father lives right here in South Jersey at the end of a driveway.  Since finding their father, they are more than thankful that their family resemblance is on their mother’s side.

Are YOU Our Father???????


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