Where Are The Drawers?

My Inspiration

This is a homemade cupboard that sat in my mother-in-law’s basement that she used as storage for her laundry products.  I always loved it and saw its potential.   My mother-in-law passed away a few years ago, and when the house was sold, my husband snagged the cupboard because he knew I always admired it.  It sat against a wall in our garage just waiting.   When I decided to up-date my bedroom last year in a beachy, cottagey look, I knew it was time for the piece to move on up.

Beautiful But Boring

When I closed the Innovasion storefront in Glassboro, the things that I had there were scattered (an understatement).  Some of the things went to  Salem City, and a few weeks ago I hired a moving company to get them from Salem to Washington Township.  One of my favorite pieces was an old stepback cupboard.  I was very clear that next to the cupboard were its drawers.

The stepback

The Drawers

Of course, the moving truck left the drawers in Salem and I have not had the time to run down there to get them.  So…Cheryl had Ed build bottoms in the openings so that we can put baskets in.  I am having difficulty finding exactly what I am looking for, so in the meantime these will do.  Top doors are closed, because I haven’t finished shopping for what we can display in the top of the cupboard….pork and beans?

These Baskets Will Do For Now

When my mother-in-law’s home was sold, my husband also snagged something for himself.  It is where his father stored his stuff in the garage.  I am inspired by it.  It sits against the wall in our garage and I am waiting to discover where it will go in our home.

A Future Project


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