Icons – Part Two

Marilyn At The Beach in 1949

When my husband and I bought Turner’s Corner in 1985, it was known as an Antique Shop and everyone knew which building we bought when we told them it was the building at the old Black Horse Pike and County House Road with the bumper car out front.  (County House Road is now known as Woodbury-Turnersville Road.)

Bumper Car in Front

Once plans were underway to open up shop at Turner’s Corner, it became clear to me that I needed an icon for the front of the building.  My first thought was a bumper car until I did my research and learned a vintage rehabbed one is very pricey.

One day while Cheryl and I were out shopping, we found our icon.  Cheryl thought it was perfect, because she would hang a sign around her that read “Even Angels Lose Their Heads When They Shop at Innovasion.”

Headless Angel

Apparently, word had not reached Marilyn.  I came in one day and there she was interviewing for the job (appropriately dressed for our beach theme).

Marilyn On The Porch

Marily at the Workshop Counter Offering to Give Classes on How To Meet The Right Guy

Marilyn offering design advice – she’s not sure about the purple peacock pillow on the leopard skin bench

Marilyn Posing on The Schreadley in the Music Room

Of course, there is no question that Marilyn is qualified for the position.  The more important question is – “Is there room for two icons at Innovasion?”  The answer is always yes.



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