An Icon By Accident

The Finished Product

Cheryl and I were given a wonderful opportunity to work on a design project for Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority.  One of their chapter houses, owned by the University of Maryland, was undergoing a complete renovation.  The 10,000 sf traditional house was completely gutted.

DPhiE Delta Xi Chapter House
University of Maryland

The challenge was to create a “home” within an institutional setting.  Our work began with the selection of all finished materials, i.e., flooring, carpeting, tile, etc.  During the year that the house was gutted, Cheryl and I shopped and shopped and shopped and loaded up three storage bins with stuff.

Bought For The Study

Bought For The Basement

We needed a place to store trophies.

What Was Used for Trophies

What We Bought For The Trophies

It took four days to move in with Cheryl and Ed sleeping overnight in bunk beds and Larry and I making day trips.

The Study Was Previously the Dining Room

The Study Was The Perfect Place For the Chartreuse Sofa

Our Interpretation of a Contemporary 70’s Room

We were very deliberate with our selection of all of the upholstered pieces for the living room.  We spent numerous hours pouring over just the right fabric on the perfect frames with the perfect wood finish for the legs.  We wanted this room to be the home away from home for the girls.  We wanted it to have comfort, style, and elegance.

Living Room Before

You Get The Idea



As you can see, Cheryl and I are not afraid of using color.  During a trip to the auction, we found a pair of chairs that we thought had great potential – we just didn’t know for what.


Who Knew?

The chairs are now in use in the “conference” room.

The Conference Room

In an attempt to get a close-up of the fuschia alligator skin material, I took the photo that became the new icon for Innovasion – Melding 20th Century Sensibility With 21st Century Design.

An Icon By Accident

Thank you Nancy and Nicole

DISCLAIMER – I do not even qualify as an “amatuer” photographer.  All of these pics were taken by me.  The photos of DPhiE “After” were taken during the move-in and do not accurately represent the finished vision.  I never went back to get the polished professional ones.  One day….



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4 responses to “An Icon By Accident

  1. As a sister of DphiE (Gamma Lambda) it is soooo wonderful to see how such an awesome living space was created for my fellow sisters. Great work and great post!

    • Thank you Stephanie – I appreciate your kind words. Love the concept of your blog. From someone who is more of the Audrey Hepburn era, I appreciate that you are going that far back in time to place in front of a new generation of women those ladies of the past who wore style and grace, not flaming nosecone looking bra things while performing on stage. I know, I know…its called performance art.

  2. I love everything! When family and friends first see me paint my walls crazy bright colors, they are like “umm what is she doing” until they see how I add complimentary colors and neutrals. Great to see sisters (DPhiE – Alpha Tau) have a fun, funky place to call home.

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