What Do You Do With It?

Found During My Travels

Preparations were underway to transform the office space into the Innovasion “design studio.”  I had seen this piece a few months prior, before the undertaking was ever contemplated.   While I was out shopping to find things to make the vision a reality, I went back to where I had seen this piece a few months prior and it was still available.  While Cheryl and I were sitting in the soon to be transformed space, I showed her the pic and expressed my love for the piece, but “what do you do with it?”

A Mess Waiting To Be Transformed

Cheryl looked into the kitchen and I followed her gaze.

The Kitchen

Cheryl – why not replace the cabinets with it?  We can find a new sink and faucet.

Theresa – done, I’ll call and get it for us.

It gets delivered and there was a problem.  Cheryl takes one look at the beautiful paneling that will be against the wall and can’t hide it.

The Front of the Candy Counter

The Back of the Candy Counter That Can’t Be Hidden Against The Wall

We did have a plan to create an area that would be a workspace in the design studio.  The ideal location would be where a partition wall was. Because we are about creations, connections and collaborations, we wanted to create an area that would be used by us and any creatives that would venture Inside Turner’s Corner.

The Partition Wall

Things change and the candy counter became our workspace and we can’t wait to put it into action!

Our New Counter Workspace


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