A Peacock and A Fish

We bought a building in 1985 that was an “antique shop”

Turner’s Corner is the name I have given to a “historic” building my husband and I bought in 1985.  Prior to purchasing the building, our land planning and engineering company operated in the basement of an apartment complex.  The business was growing and it was time to move.  There was only one problem, we really didn’t have a lot of money and bought what we could afford.

The building is a little worn after 27 years, but still looks pretty good

When we moved the consulting company to Glassboro, we remained the owners of the building and have leased it out over the years to various tenants.  One of our tenants moved out in April, and I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to put Innovasion in the only bricks and mortar location I would consider.

As you can see, this is a far cry from the cute, adorable storefront in Glassboro.  It is an office building – talk about a design dilemma.  We are working extremely hard to get the inside ready for our “grand” re-opening.  In the meantime, we have done what we can to spruce up the front.

The inspiration for some of what is going on Inside Turner’s Corner, is the color we chose for the door.  The color is our version of Pantone’s Color of the Year 2012, Tangerine Tango.  Our color is from Sherwin Williams.  My first choice for the color was “Daring.”  But when I saw it in person, it definitely was not daring enough.  With a hearty nod from Cheryl, Fireworks was the color chosen.

The bags of stuff have arrived

Our initial thought for what to hang on the door was an inexpensive (cheap) wreath that Cheryl would doctor up.  Nothing was rising to the surface, and we found this cute sparkly fish wall hanging.   In an effort to continue to dress up the front even more, we went with the biggest, least expensive (cheapest) picture we could find.

A Fish

A Peacock

A Peacock and a Fish

We have a bench that we are going to paint up and put under the peacock.  It will add to the “ambiance” and give the locals a place to sit while they are waiting for the bus.

I am thrilled to be a part of my history and the history of Washington Township.  Turner’s Corner was built by John Turner, whom Turnersville was named after.  It was built as a general store and the Turner family lived above the store.

The building has changed over time and little did the people standing in front of it ever imagine the changes that would take place one hundred plus years later.  The world of commerce that they lived in was much more simple.  The very nature of the location of the building at the crossroads of commerce was their “strategic marketing” plan.

Today I have a “social media administrator” to help me figure out Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging and selling stuff in an Etsy store that is not yet operational.

My Social Media Administrator’s Name Is Priscilla

So the same as the people standing in front of their store, I stand before you in my blog – where you will get to meet the shop owner, and I look forward to meeting you.

Turner’s Corner Shopkeepers at the Turn of The Century


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