We packed our bags and left

Cute Adorable Storefront Window

This was the cute, adorable store in downtown Glassboro.  When Innovasion packed up and left four years ago, it was with the intent to never have a bricks and mortar store again.  But I changed my mind and decided to re-open at Turner’s Corner in the Turnersville section of Washington Township, New Jersey.

Before It Became The Cute Adorable Storefront Window

Business ventures are a risk.  The primary reason that the Innovasion store existed, was because I first made a real estate investment in  a vacant storefront in an economically depressed downtown.

Abandoned and Unloved

My husband and I landed in Glassboro because we moved our land planning and engineering company into a vacant deteriorated bank building at the corner of Main and High Streets.


We Kept The Vault

We Don’t Know What This Was Used For But It Became Our Conference Room

Our Conference Room

After spending a year renovating the building, moving our company in, and becoming very involved in the community, I made a decision to buy another piece of real estate.

I had a choice, find a tenant for the space or become my own tenant.  Because of my love for all things fun, interesting and unusual, I was ready again to open up a shop that offered “vintage home furnishings and accessories” with interior design thrown in.

Long story short, the hope I had that Innovasion would be a beacon of light and would help attract other shop owners into town did not become a reality.   But, it wasn’t for a lack of trying.  As you can see, I put a model in the window and invited the community into  a “sketch” evening entitled Window Dressings

Inside the Cute Adorable Storefront

Underground Passage

I also had art shows for emerging artists that were held in the basement that I named “Underground Passage”

So….eventually I packed up my bags, stored some stuff in my basement,  left and sold the cute adorable storefront.  It is now a cute little ribs and sandwich place for college students.Business is a risk.  My hopes are always high and I am always  prepared for “what if it doesn’t turn out the way I hoped.”

But then I remember – “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I have hope in Him.”

Innovasion stuff packed away in my basement


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