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Wildwood Days and Our Vanishing Past

The photos are in an album.  The photos help keep the memories alive.  I have an image in my head that does not need a photo to remind me of that week.  It was the summer of 1968 and my parents rented a house in Wildwood.  Larry and I had been dating for a year and my nephew Tom was nine months old.

A Happy Group

Old Fashion Trick Photography

My nephew will be 45 this year.  Where did the time go?

Not Everyone Could Make It
But A Good Representation

Not only has time gone by, but the family has grown and the family vacations continue on. The nine month old baby I held in my arms is the handsome guy all the way on the right.

Oh those Wildwood Days, wild wild Wildwood Days by Bobby Rydell

A Young Bobby Rydell

Bobby on his 70th Birthday

The DooWop Preservation League in Wildwood is working on preserving the past.

NJN Our Vanishing Past – Wildwood

We are working on preserving that past here at Innovasion.  These pieces are a future project.  We will be putting our own contemporary twist on them.  Stay tuned.

A Future Project
The Chairs Done in Turquise or Pink Leather?
Or Maybe One of Each?


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Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Words

1969 Schwinn Parked in front of Seaside Retreat

Tour our before and after pictures of the Mey family’s home (Abigale’s Ashes).  The Innovasion design studio has been transformed from a real estate office to our contemporary interpretation of a turn of the century Victorian in Cape May.  For more background reading, please read We Packed our Bags and a Peacock and a Fish.

Garden View

Garden View

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

View From the Kitchen

The Music Room and The Schreadley

The Dining Room

The Parlour

Grab a Beach Towel as you Head to the Beach

Looking Into the Porch

Looking Into the Porch

Looking Into the Porch

Looking Into the Porch

Track Lighting






































A Longshot














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Are You Our Mother?

Icon in the Innovasion Garden

When a customer showed up for our On The Way To Cape May design event this weekend, we were more than surprised when she informed us that our Icon must have a twin.  We were told that there was an identical angel  living in a beautiful garden in Haddonfield, New Jersey.   We went to work very quickly to help Icon find her missing family.   Our Icon knew she was adopted, but had given up hope of ever finding her missing family.

What Icon didn’t know was that she and her sister were Siamese twins joined at the head and separated at birth.  (Doctor, the operation was not a success.)

Earth Angel Living in a Beautiful Garden in Haddonfield

Her sister, Earth Angel, gave her the exciting news that their mother, Winged Victory, was living in Paris, at the Louvre Museum.  The likeness of the girls to their mother is striking and the beauty of their mother is inspiring.  The girls have also inherited their mother’s design sensibilities by choosing to live in places that may not be as grand as the Louvre, but have a true sense of style.


Mom’s Home

Now that the sisters had found each other, they were determined to seek out their father.  They did not have to go far.  Their father lives right here in South Jersey at the end of a driveway.  Since finding their father, they are more than thankful that their family resemblance is on their mother’s side.

Are YOU Our Father???????

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Where Are The Drawers?

My Inspiration

This is a homemade cupboard that sat in my mother-in-law’s basement that she used as storage for her laundry products.  I always loved it and saw its potential.   My mother-in-law passed away a few years ago, and when the house was sold, my husband snagged the cupboard because he knew I always admired it.  It sat against a wall in our garage just waiting.   When I decided to up-date my bedroom last year in a beachy, cottagey look, I knew it was time for the piece to move on up.

Beautiful But Boring

When I closed the Innovasion storefront in Glassboro, the things that I had there were scattered (an understatement).  Some of the things went to  Salem City, and a few weeks ago I hired a moving company to get them from Salem to Washington Township.  One of my favorite pieces was an old stepback cupboard.  I was very clear that next to the cupboard were its drawers.

The stepback

The Drawers

Of course, the moving truck left the drawers in Salem and I have not had the time to run down there to get them.  So…Cheryl had Ed build bottoms in the openings so that we can put baskets in.  I am having difficulty finding exactly what I am looking for, so in the meantime these will do.  Top doors are closed, because I haven’t finished shopping for what we can display in the top of the cupboard….pork and beans?

These Baskets Will Do For Now

When my mother-in-law’s home was sold, my husband also snagged something for himself.  It is where his father stored his stuff in the garage.  I am inspired by it.  It sits against the wall in our garage and I am waiting to discover where it will go in our home.

A Future Project

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Icons – Part Two

Marilyn At The Beach in 1949

When my husband and I bought Turner’s Corner in 1985, it was known as an Antique Shop and everyone knew which building we bought when we told them it was the building at the old Black Horse Pike and County House Road with the bumper car out front.  (County House Road is now known as Woodbury-Turnersville Road.)

Bumper Car in Front

Once plans were underway to open up shop at Turner’s Corner, it became clear to me that I needed an icon for the front of the building.  My first thought was a bumper car until I did my research and learned a vintage rehabbed one is very pricey.

One day while Cheryl and I were out shopping, we found our icon.  Cheryl thought it was perfect, because she would hang a sign around her that read “Even Angels Lose Their Heads When They Shop at Innovasion.”

Headless Angel

Apparently, word had not reached Marilyn.  I came in one day and there she was interviewing for the job (appropriately dressed for our beach theme).

Marilyn On The Porch

Marily at the Workshop Counter Offering to Give Classes on How To Meet The Right Guy

Marilyn offering design advice – she’s not sure about the purple peacock pillow on the leopard skin bench

Marilyn Posing on The Schreadley in the Music Room

Of course, there is no question that Marilyn is qualified for the position.  The more important question is – “Is there room for two icons at Innovasion?”  The answer is always yes.


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An Icon By Accident

The Finished Product

Cheryl and I were given a wonderful opportunity to work on a design project for Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority.  One of their chapter houses, owned by the University of Maryland, was undergoing a complete renovation.  The 10,000 sf traditional house was completely gutted.

DPhiE Delta Xi Chapter House
University of Maryland

The challenge was to create a “home” within an institutional setting.  Our work began with the selection of all finished materials, i.e., flooring, carpeting, tile, etc.  During the year that the house was gutted, Cheryl and I shopped and shopped and shopped and loaded up three storage bins with stuff.

Bought For The Study

Bought For The Basement

We needed a place to store trophies.

What Was Used for Trophies

What We Bought For The Trophies

It took four days to move in with Cheryl and Ed sleeping overnight in bunk beds and Larry and I making day trips.

The Study Was Previously the Dining Room

The Study Was The Perfect Place For the Chartreuse Sofa

Our Interpretation of a Contemporary 70’s Room

We were very deliberate with our selection of all of the upholstered pieces for the living room.  We spent numerous hours pouring over just the right fabric on the perfect frames with the perfect wood finish for the legs.  We wanted this room to be the home away from home for the girls.  We wanted it to have comfort, style, and elegance.

Living Room Before

You Get The Idea



As you can see, Cheryl and I are not afraid of using color.  During a trip to the auction, we found a pair of chairs that we thought had great potential – we just didn’t know for what.


Who Knew?

The chairs are now in use in the “conference” room.

The Conference Room

In an attempt to get a close-up of the fuschia alligator skin material, I took the photo that became the new icon for Innovasion – Melding 20th Century Sensibility With 21st Century Design.

An Icon By Accident

Thank you Nancy and Nicole

DISCLAIMER – I do not even qualify as an “amatuer” photographer.  All of these pics were taken by me.  The photos of DPhiE “After” were taken during the move-in and do not accurately represent the finished vision.  I never went back to get the polished professional ones.  One day….


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What Do You Do With It?

Found During My Travels

Preparations were underway to transform the office space into the Innovasion “design studio.”  I had seen this piece a few months prior, before the undertaking was ever contemplated.   While I was out shopping to find things to make the vision a reality, I went back to where I had seen this piece a few months prior and it was still available.  While Cheryl and I were sitting in the soon to be transformed space, I showed her the pic and expressed my love for the piece, but “what do you do with it?”

A Mess Waiting To Be Transformed

Cheryl looked into the kitchen and I followed her gaze.

The Kitchen

Cheryl – why not replace the cabinets with it?  We can find a new sink and faucet.

Theresa – done, I’ll call and get it for us.

It gets delivered and there was a problem.  Cheryl takes one look at the beautiful paneling that will be against the wall and can’t hide it.

The Front of the Candy Counter

The Back of the Candy Counter That Can’t Be Hidden Against The Wall

We did have a plan to create an area that would be a workspace in the design studio.  The ideal location would be where a partition wall was. Because we are about creations, connections and collaborations, we wanted to create an area that would be used by us and any creatives that would venture Inside Turner’s Corner.

The Partition Wall

Things change and the candy counter became our workspace and we can’t wait to put it into action!

Our New Counter Workspace

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